December 19th 2013

and the old site Loire Lore is now no more so let’s see how we get on with this one! Image

This is the hoopoe, and I chose this for the title of my blog because I wanted something with happy in…because I am… and because very occasionally in late spring we see this brightly coloured and very shy bird while we are walking the dog on the small lanes, ‘les petits chemins,’ of this part of rural France. And that IS exciting!

That is just the sort of excitement I like. So now you know this is not going to be the most dramatic blog site that ever was. Erhmm what did you expect from an expat knitting grannie in rural France? Well I won’t be picking on my neighbours like a certain author in Provence that’s for sure, as my neighbours are delightful, friendly and kind.

Oh yes the other title I had in mind was the contented cow… because the fields round here are full of charolais cattle.


2 thoughts on “December 19th 2013”

    1. Himself does all the work in the garden but I do a good job of cooking and eating the produce. We can grow all our vegetables and manage to freeze a lot for the winter and we love it!

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