technology eh?

Well I think it is absolutely wonderful.

Wow! This morning I  have read again about snow on a farm in New Hampshire, been moved by watching a motivational video, been blown away by someone’s wonderful illustrations, and was given, without asking, some good ideas for trying to write and practice my craft  – and all this from the comfort of my loft den in our cottage. This is truly amazing.

So this is what blogging is all about. In some ways, perhaps, I am glad I have discovered it later in life – I may never have done any housework and have been late for work every morning! But then by now… who knows what I would have written!

The first house we lived in had no electricity, the water tap was outside, the toilet was a primitive affair down the garden and in consequence we had a chamber pot with roses round it – and this was all quite ordinary.

And now I can tallk to my children and grandchildren and SEE them – however far away they are…

How some things have changed…in the space of 60 odd years.

terrace after italian holiday resized

The front terrace in June – just to remind me – it will get warmer!


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