Just a thought…

It has now come to my notice, for the third time only, that real people and not just my family, actually read what I have written! What a frightening thought.. and now my mind has gone completely blank so it will have to be a photo or two


This is Guadalest – in the mountains above Benidorm – it was a chilly day and not a lot of sun – unusually – because most of the time we have had lovely weather for our escape to the warmth of Spain.


I couldn’t resist putting this one on -looking from the lighthouse towards Altea. Something about the colour of the sea and the blue sky – how inspiring is that?

Now there’s a thought – Wordsworth used daffodils and look what he achieved…maybe it’ll be the sea for me –  but not quite at this moment! It’ll come, perhaps, who knows? There must be another word for azure!


Here’s a sunset from the camper van door – another inspiring moment

Isn’t this a wonderful world? And the simple pleasures in life are often inspiring – watch this space…




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