such excitement….

Today the letter book arrived. Yipee!

In the olden days; long before mobile phones and skype, facetime and texts, and even when a long distance telephone call meant standing in a draughty telephone box and was too expensive to do unless it was an emergency, my sister and I wrote to each other.

And we still do – more than 40 years on, but recently we have changed the format and they are now called ‘letterbooks.’

Imagethis is the front cover of letterbook number two – my sister chose this notebook -and isn’t it a good one?



and this is an example of what’s inside – quotations and photos and things we like – plus lots of writing about what’s happening in our lives – maybe our grandchildren will read them and laugh…


this is letterbook number three and the most recent. I chose it – its very smart and a little too heavy so it costs a lot to post but its lovely paper! Its been travelling from France to Ireland and back since October 2013.

And it came today! Here is an example from my sister -It’s part of a poem about her teeth



and oh yes it arrived this morning….! Now this has to be savoured – I don’t read it all at once – the pleasure would be over far too quickly. A little at a time with a cup of tea sitting by the fire. I know there will be some poems, some photos old or new, a quotation or two and lots about her family and life on a lake shore in the West of Ireland.

We have the same foundations, they bind us together, but from our teenage years our lives have been  different – as we are different – but we both like making lists and writing. In fact my sister is the champion list maker – I run a close second! making a list is like eating ice cream or chocolate – it is just so comforting!



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