what do I do…when it rains?

Actually its more like sleet – the view from the back bedroom window is grey and grizzly


so since it looks uninspiring and so cold and dreary…


I set to and make a steamed syrup sponge – winter comfort eating at its best – it will be served with lashings of real English custard made from Birds custard powder  – and no, they don’t sell golden syrup or custard powder in La Belle France, but the car has a big boot! 

And what else is going on, on this dismal saturday morning?


Himself is busy at the wood turning – no its not a crash helmet but protection against the fine dust particles and a most necessary piece of equipment.


Note the little stove next to the central heating boiler – he can burn all the sawdust and keep warm at the same time!

And no he is not taking orders at the moment (unless from yours truly!)

And mustn’t forget to mention the doglet


She is looking out of the window, waiting for the rain to stop or maybe for someone to come and put another log on the fire!

Whatever the weather  – its a joy to be alive and well and retired – now I am reminded why I went to work! 

If its not too much of a cliche – give thanks for this day – its a new one – and life has no rehearsals , only performances,  so make it a good one! OK you’re right it is too much of a cliche.

Have a pleasant weekend.




4 thoughts on “what do I do…when it rains?”

  1. Dormouse sent me and I’m glad! I hadn’t noticed before from her photos, but your photos and post show a LOT of similarities in the places we live. Looking forward to reading backwards…. 🙂

  2. XSX Cliches so what it always good to be reminded that we are still here. I’m just popping down t’shop for some golden syrup for the pancakes.

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