Sunny Sunday

Dominique, spelt like a girl’s name but he’s a bloke – don’t ask…has reinstated the Sunday morning walks for any one in our village who’d like to join him. So…up with the larks this morning and we’re off. Six of us, and of course, our dog. It is a truly beautiful, bright morning. We all seem to be enjoying the fresh air and the thought that spring is in the air.

Plenty of turned over clods of earth and other signs that there are still wild boar around…safe until september now – hunting finished at the end of February. Enough said.

IMG_2294 reducedThis seems to be the season for chopping down the pine trees here and lopping just branches off the other trees. We counted the rings and this tree is about 50 years old.

I went back later in the midget to collect a couple of offcuts

reducedthey are so pretty – surely I must be able to make something out of them!

IMG_2296 reduced       IMG_2297reduced

Back for the traditional Sunday roast – I know we’ve lived in France for years… but nothing beats those flavours

IMG_2290 reduced

what you can’t see here are the preparations for the yorkshire puddings, lashings of gravy, home grown green beans and sage and onion stuffing!

And just look at the size of these parsnips – grown by a friend of ours down in the valley – truly scrumptious – creamy and roasted to perfection.


…and now for a doze by the fire! Happy Sunday.


2 thoughts on “Sunny Sunday”

  1. It looks like you had an amazing day – I love those lazy, peaceful Sundays…thank you for the follow and visiting my blog. I look forward to reading more

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