not having wrinkles…

It seems to me now that everyone from celebrities to newsreaders on the TV are deperate to stay looking young these days.

Occasionally I am forced to look in the mirror – I agree its a face like a crumpled paper bag that stares back at me, not a pretty sight, and if I was rich and wasn’t so scared of going under the knife again, I would probably get something done – so that I looked my age and not in my nineties…but I’m not rich and I am scared so I wrote a poem instead – called Not having wrinkles…

Not having wrinkles may enable you to look younger,

but your conversation and the backs of your hands 

will give the game away

your experiences will tell tales on you.


Not having wrinkles won’t help

when you need to see the doctor

and your worst fears are confirmed.


Not having wrinkles may help you get a younger person’s job

but your feet will ache

trying to keep dancing to the piper.


Not having wrinkles might do some things for you

but it won’t enable you

to fool the grim reaper…


Now I could put a photo on… my wrinkles; indeed not… good grief that would  be a step too far – even for me!





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