back in wifi land


The internet is back on –  thanks to himself spending a whole day either speaking to orange france or driving into town to get another live box but now everyone is at peace again.

I can’t begin to say what a big part of our lives the internet has become! All, or most of our communications with friends and family, all our banking, tax forms, sewing instructions, writing courses, parts for the 1971 MG Midget even what shall we have for tea tonight recipes, books and booking holidays and chunnel crossings to return to the uk… in fact I don’t think there is much of our life that doesn’t come into contact with the good old world wide web.

When we bought the cottage there wasn’t even a mobile phone signal…


Here’s some of our restful scenery when we took the midget for a spin on the quiet country lanes a couple of days ago.





If I could paint it would be these rooftops… but painting? Now that’s definitely something for the next life…

I am having enough trouble learning to use my sewing machine and trying to get to grips with a new laptop – and a mac is certainly different after many years of windows…





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