variety, a bit of this and that…

We have had some friends staying, some for only a night and some for a week, and it is so pleasurable to have had ‘real’ conversations!

Apart from good English beer and the theatre, a proper conversation – one that includes humour and laughter is the thing I probably miss the most – except of course my daughters and grandchildren, but missing them goes without saying.

I can get by in French – well sort of, and its ok for the moment – but thanks to our friends from Huddersfield we had an excellent week – of talking and laughter – pity about the weather!

But oh dear so much eating and drinking is good for the soul but not the waistline – healthy eating starts tomorrow!



this is what Granny has just finished knitting.

And this is a strange wildflower in the hedgerow

IMG_0065As I said, a bit of this and that – and maybe the will to write more another time!