attack of the voles


Little furry critters with big teeth have invaded our vegetables. They are called campagnoles in france and voles to the rest of us.

There seems to be no way of getting rid of them – maybe a few cats down there or an owl or two? If we had cats they’d be on the sofa or stretched out in the sun, rather like our dog – I can’t see them parading down in the vegetable plot. One web site suggested fox urine….

Campagnoles have five litters a year so don’t think I am exaggerating too much when I say they have eaten an awful lot – including our onions!

Himself has put down two humane traps – but the wily creatures are just by – passing them. They are probably too fat and well fed to fit in them now and far too clever!


See that hedge at the bottom well that’s probably where vole city is.



One thought on “attack of the voles”

  1. Our garden has been targeted and damaged by ground squirrels this year for the first time. My son and husband have been using a small-gauge shotgun to pick them off (which makes me sad), but there are still plenty of them.

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