wild life

What is it about us and critters this year?

First there were the campagnoles, hungry little french voles that ate their way happily through the onions; then dorifores – colorado beetle in our first language, that himself had to pick off one by one and squash by hand;  then a sangliar – wild boar, that is, that took a fancy to snorting and snuffling through the strawberry patch and turfing all the black plastic and a few plants upside down… and now to cap it all we have had mice in the camper van! YUK and double yuk. So instead of packing and getting it ready to leave tomorrow we have been cleaning and disinfecting.

I don’t mind mice as mice at all – providing they stay in the barn where the van lives and don’t invade the van, its the thought of them peeing and pooing all over it, that I don’t like at all.

Oh yes and for the first time I have had a tick bite!


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