the greatest plans of mice and men…

well never mind the mice and men what about my plans? I have waited since summer for my writing course to begin – I have even tidied the loft in anticipation – no small feat when it contains everything from a sewing machine to forty thousand bits of paper needed for filling in tax forms, an old lap top still sort of working, a new laptop with no instructions that could possibly be hurled through the window at any moment…

and why? because I want to put a photo in here of the loft looking its best and do you think i can find it? No, I can’t – so much for iPhoto – this old granny is beaten by technology again. On the old one I would just have gone to photos 2014 – looked through and found it but on here there’s photos, events, last 12 months – which doesn’t mean they were taken then, oh no – but put on the computer then.

and as if to finish me off completely yesterday I came down with the mother and father of all colds and just want to be under the quilt with paracetamols and a hot water bottle – how are the mighty fallen. Two hours writing every morning – I was so looking forward to it – now two minutes and I feel dreadful…
IMG_0075this is the loft before I tidied it in preparation for the writing course – it looks much better now – well this table does…but the photo is lost in the bowels of somewhere or other – and the other table is a disaster area…

if the loft looks better than this – great for the loft – I feel a whole lot worse and this macbook is driving me nuts – its back to the old and very slow windows one from the year dot.

If anyone can tell me how I drag and drop a photo when I can’t see iPhoto and this page at the same time – I will be eternally grateful…and why don’t they tell you that the option key on a mac is called alt?



2 thoughts on “the greatest plans of mice and men…”

  1. I don’t use iPhoto much at all; I usually use Preview (it’s old) and sometimes PhotoShop. In Blogger, you click on the photo icon and add photos that way; I’m not familiar with WordPress. Not much help, am I!

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