rhyming poem….

My creative writing course has started – yippee.. now there’s a real focus for me to sit at the laptop.

Here’s a bit of rhyming nonsense I wrote nearly a decade ago! Now I am determined to take it more seriously – well a little – and be more disciplined.

This writing Lark

The fire is lit and the flames are roaring

near me on the sofa, Sammie cat is snoring

I sit with pen in hand on my 13th cup of tea

waiting for the muse to come, for a writer’s what I’ll be.

I’m on my second breakfast, or perhaps by now its lunch,

Oh what the hell, I like to eat, I’ll call it morning brunch.

The words are there within my head, perhaps that might be true

but there they stay, well hidden, apart from this stuff I write to you.

So I go and wash the kitchen floor and clean the bath out too

How come when I hate housework, I can find so much to do?

I have my health and loads of time, as I sit here by the fire

I thought I’d find it easier when I knew I would retire.

My pencil’s neatly sharpened; my pen is full of ink

and from this mighty task I know I shouldn’t shrink.

Is that the time already? Good grief it’s nearly dark,

Suppose I’ll go and make the tea, and give up this writing lark!



2 thoughts on “rhyming poem….”

  1. I hope your writing course is good
    and inspires you as you hoped it would
    And as you sit there in your hovel*
    You’ll write the next great British novel

    *please note, I don’t really think your home is a hovel at all, but it’s poetic license!

  2. The writing course is good, the people are friendly and the exercises challenging – but as for my imagination – it doesn’t seem to be where it was a couple of decades ago! Onwards…

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