a drop of the black stuff…


better late than never… ok so it was November when I was last near Galway having a drop of the oul porter.. so I am never going to make a regular blogger – nor any sort of real blogger, I suppose but Spring is springing in this lovely part of rural France and my hideous hangover has finally abated – no – not from November’s porter but from Saturday’s wine – lashings of it and far too much for someone the wrong side of sixty…or could it have been a dodgy mussel in the paella? Or a bit of both? Who knows… but I am grateful to be over it!

IMG_2515   IMG_0476


Not only was there pints of porter but also  in Ireland there were dogs, friends and family, beautiful views and lots of water.



And then its off to Spain we would jolly well go, stopping off to see Gibraltar on the way to the Algarve and meeting up with friends near Orba and escaping the worst of the french winter weather


IMG_2596 Escaping the winter…



I learnt that not knowing a word of spanish is a terrible handicap when himself spent a week in hospital in Antequera.

I also learnt that the kindness of strangers is a truly wonderful thing and there are people who were on the campsite at Humilladero who saved my sanity. I can’t thank them enough.

Then hallelujah and praise be – my sister arrived. Up all night – to travel by bus, by plane and travel sick to boot she arrived like a breath of fresh air and I was no longer alone!


All was well eventually, and a little over 4000 km on the clock of the camper van and we were back home. And wasn’t I glad?

And my quotation to end these ramblings on

If you want to turn your life around try thankfulness’   G.Good


One thought on “a drop of the black stuff…”

  1. Goodness me, Mij – hospital?! Is himself all okay now? I do hope so. Sorry I missed you when you came over our side of the mountains last week – I was off spending money. Hopefully I’ll see you soon. Up for line dancing?!

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