What is it about the french and their dogs?


Here, where we live in the depths of rural France, some dogs are tied up on three foot of chain and stay there like that for the whole of their lives, never taken out for a walk, nor taken in the house; one has one of those awful collars that deliver an electric shock each time she barks and so when we walk past she barks and then yelps – no that’s not the word – she screams in pain, oh and by the way it doesn’t work – when the battery goes flat she still barks…until they put a fresh battery in.

Another in our village is a boxer who has the run of a large courtyard – who is ok with people but attacks other dogs – he escaped this morning and would have killed our cairn terrier but I picked her up in time – just…

His owners think nothing of going away for a week and leaving him in the courtyard – presumably some other neighbours throw some food to him. Poor dog barks and barks for the first few days and then eventually gives up – feeling he’s been abandoned no doubt.

It’s a great hunting area here, and the hounds are kept for 6 months of the year in a small pen, no one takes any notice of them at all, and then on a weekend for the other 6 months they are bundled into a trailer and then can run around after the deer and wild boar.

The French government has now passed a law to say that animals are ‘sentient beings’ – guess what – before this they were considered as goods or chattels…


I wonder when we will become kinder, to each other, and to all the creatures of this earth? Somehow, I feel if some members of the human race can kill, maim and torture their fellow humans, what chance have the creatures got?



All my family and friends treat their animals and pets with the love and respect they deserve and happily the world is a better place for it.


2 thoughts on “What is it about the french and their dogs?”

  1. Here in the US it has become recognized that those who will neglect, mistreat, or abuse animals are much more likely to do the same thing to a fellow human, so treating animals badly is a crime with stiff penalties. I applaud that.

  2. I hate the way that the dogs are chained up like that! And also that if a hunting dog gets lost then it’s just abandoned to die slowly of starvation – or be run over by a car. I nearly hit one that was trotting across the road at dusk recently.
    It’s the same with cats too – don’t sterilise them, then drown the kittens at birth.

    And yet, there are enormously pampered pets who are carried everywhere or whatever. And don’t start me on pooing dogs…
    Quick! Finish before a full blown rant begins!

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