lazy in winter


March already!

This winter I have mostly… been  knitting blankets for rescued cats, crocheting blankets for who? I’m not sure yet. And trying to meditate with DeepaK Chopra. Oh yes and making vegetable stew and dumplings…


We’ve been to Spain in the camper van to escape the worst of the winter


via Argeles sur mer and

here’s the snow capped Canigou.


and then after a couple of days in the very windy south of France here are the mountains above Denia – the scene of our daily walk – I think I put photos on a few years ago of the Almond blossom


And now, well I am doing a course called Strategies for Successful Ageing – Oh yes, I hear you say – you and successful ageing? Interesting – especially after going into hospital with gastric enteritis and being convinced it was the beginning of the end…

Laugh – you have to, if this is as rough as it gets we are doing very well!

I can’t resist putting in some more photos – I read somewhere that a blog should have photos…

IMG_3226the donkey at the last campsite  –                           IMG_0106  the doglet on the washingIMG_0116

and of course the Charolais on our daily walk.

I have given up on creative writing courses – I read somewhere that if you are going to be a writer – just write – so obviously I am not going to be a writer…in this lifetime.

I have just read through some of my earlier posts and actually I quite like them – ah… those were the days when I actually did some writing! So this year i am going to try and put something on regularly – even if its not very literary I shall practice my craft!



2 thoughts on “lazy in winter”

  1. Margaret, I read the whole blog last night and so, so enjoyed it. I love the frank pieces about things we normally shy away from and I 100% identified with your piece on old age. See my very first comment on the course for some equally frank thoughts. Your life in France is intriguing to me and the photos and blogs make it seem very attractive indeed. Don’t give up on the writing just yet because your blog makes for fascinating reading.

    1. Cheers Katherine, ‘fascinating reading’ eh? Thanks a million – thats kind of you to say so. I am now spurred on to do a bit more.
      Seems what with the ageing course and my emails I am spending a lot of time in the loft in front of the computer. Great stuff – I am glad I am never bored…and since the weather here is not very good at the moment I am often to be found downstairs in front of the fire with my knitting needles clicking!

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