feel the rain

The little lake on our evening walk. The view changes all the time.

‘Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.’ 

Don’t you just love that quote from Bob Marley?

Today it has been lashing down, running down our tiny french lane like a river – but, and here’s the good news – the aforementioned lane has just been tarmacked – well that can’t be the right spelling… imagine a tiny lane down to only two other houses and a farmer’s barn, now looks like a motorway. It is so lovely – before, every pebble was brought into the house on the sole of our trainers and the grit and sandy soil was carried in by the dog…and the rain washed more and more of it away. Tarmacadam-ed because, just wait for it, they dug it up to put pipes in for mains sewers. That will be so fantastic – it’s happening in all french villages – we will have our very own reed bed.

I have just returned from a walk with the dog and half way round there was a rainbow, complete and beautiful, but by the time I had felt for the phone with my cold fingers it had disappeared so instead here’s a photo of the dog…


‘The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.’ Longfellow

Well that’s what I have done today… and toasted in front of the fire, crocheting granny squares. Oh the simple pleasures of life. There is much to be said for them.



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