of deer whoopsies and dogs, and winter weather….


and to think we were having lunch outside a couple of days ago…



It’s only about 3° C here and not very pleasant.

No long walk with the doglet today – that’s for sure.

She has had her springtime hair cut – I know, bad timing – but at least when she does get wet she can be dried easily. And when she has rolled in the unmentionable – wild boar or deer whoopsies – then a shower is most necessary. It’s what terriers do in the country, chase the farm cats, eat or roll in unmentionable stuff, pick up ticks, hunt for mice and moles – never known her catch one, smell strongly and have a jolly good time!


But the visit to the toilettage, as dog grooming is called in France, when you are 10 years old is very tiring ,and between that and the dampness outside then its been a day in bed. But don’t I look cute now?






One thought on “of deer whoopsies and dogs, and winter weather….”

  1. Oh dear ! I dropped in hoping for a taste of the warmth and sunshine of ‘La Belle France.’ Very drab and grey here too after a lot of sunny but very cold days. I’m lolling in bed this morning, not going to my class, not keeping socially connected or doing anything else recommended by the MOOC. We all need a day off sometimes 🙂

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