…and its been a great month. Back to the blog at last – ‘where have you been?’ I hear you ask  – ok in my dreams – just a joke, but yes I’m still out of the home for the bemused and bewildered and we’ve been out and about.

So mostly photos this time…

First to the UK, maybe wrote that last month…

Today I made a case for all my crochet hooks – ok so its May but I’m sneaking it in




Earlier in the month we went to ProvenceIMG_0232

This is the view from the gite (holiday home) where we stayed – overlooking Vaison la Romaine. The Mistral blew and mornings and evenings were chilly, but the light down there is different and the blue sky is truly Provençal.

My friend even braved the exceedingly cold water of the swimming pool…


I know it would be lovely under the heat of the Provençal summer sun …but in April? – good grief the water  might just have reached 15°C. One brave lass indeed.


Aix en Provence was as lively and colourful as I remembered, here’s the square of restaurants, and it was even more buzzing  as it was market day in the Cours Mirabeau.

If you want a really good coffee there, in the centre, but off the beaten tourist route then try  Mana Espresso. The granddaughter of a friend of mine and her partner have it, hard workers, the pair of them and they so deserve to succeed.

Then we went to Paris


The view from the big wheel – the Tuilerie gardens – you get to go twice round on the wheel, so its not very long, but looking down the Champs Elysée is quite spectacular.


The Montmartre museum is worth a visit – especially if you are at all interested in the history of the area and Suzanne Valadon, the model and artist. The presentation at the beginning is well done.

Becoming boring now – BUT at the end of the month it was my birthday and there’s nothing boring about this – well not for me anyway…


you see those two envelopes…well

number 1 envelope had the reservation for a night in a hotel in Paris.. ‘strange,’ I think, ‘we have just been..’

Number two envelope had tickets for


how unbelievably fantastic is that? Aren’t I just one of the luckiest people? A big thanks to the one I love for knowing I couldn’t wish for a better present!

So here’s one exceedingly happy 69 year old granny!

Its never too late.



4 thoughts on “April..”

  1. What a beautiful and joy-full post! I’ve never had an urge to visit Paris – until I saw your photo taken from the big wheel. Somehow that one draws me in irresistably….

    1. Thanks for commenting. I never really believe anyone actually reads the sort of stuff I write! Paris is a great city for a visit – And so very colourful.

  2. As Andrew said: “Nice if you like Bruce Springsteen” !! Which you obviously do. How lovely. It looks as though you had a great time in Provence & Paris.

    1. I have probably waited 30 odd years to see Bruce Springstein – but it just shows its never too late. Bilbo says he’s going to sell his ticket at the door – it’s not quite his cup of tea – I don’t believe him.
      And I did sit through the Monaco Grand Prix…

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