colourful world


What a beautiful world it is to be sure! The path round to the back of our cottage is festooned with honeysuckle and wisteria. And even the big wisteria against the house wall, which had to be so cruelly chopped to allow the crepi to be done last year is now looking healthy again.


Some friends came for tea on sunday and brought a present of some duck eggs from their happy ducks. The colour is so delicate and gentle – and they tasted good too.


The chief gardener gave the old plum trees a make over this year – cute eh?

You can see all the shells of the sunflower seeds under the bird feeder – the maid tries to get round to sweeping them up most days. The nuthatch has become very brave, and now comes into the window feeder – no photo yet though – but watch this space…


Both sides of the cottage are colourful  – so this week’s quote must be

‘Colours are the smiles of nature.’ from someone called Leigh Hunt.


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