this week…

I have been mostly trying to make…


a bag! Its to keep all my crocheted granny squares in – until I get round to putting them together…

The birds are upside down, the sewing leaves a lot to be desired, but, seriously it is a lot nicer to look at than an old carrier bag…

Oh yes and I have been trying to learn some line dancing steps for tonight’s session.

Don’t mock it – it is good exercise for both the legs and the brain! I might not be able to run 10 km any more, so best not moan but concentrate on what can be done.

However its 19 years since I first attempted line dancing…19 years – well that passed in a flash -Phew!

Todays quote had better be something to do with the passage of time then…

I didn’t mind getting old when I was young, it’s the being old now that’s getting to me.’

John Scalzi





2 thoughts on “this week…”

  1. Lovely bag (despite the birds being upside down!) I have actually realised that the dancing is getting easier…I found last night that I’d picked up one of the Novice dances much quicker than I thought I had. What I mean is, having learned it last week, I almost remembered it this week. Before it had taken several weeks of intensive re-doing before I remembered anything!!

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