June already…

…and still it rains.

So this week I have been continuing my winter hobbies – like a bit of sewing. It is June and I should be sitting on the terrace in a sunhat with a glass of pink, but no, instead to keep dementia at bay…I made another sunglasses case and


read some of my crafty books to see what else I could be doing


and then I thought I would make a trial bag – the one on the front cover looks good…so I gathered some bits of left over material…

It would have helped if I could have understood, and therefore followed, the instructions and also if I hadn’t been thinking most of the time ‘is that rain I am hearing on the velux windows?’


and the answer to your question is – no it didn’t turn out quite as good as the one in the book – well after all,  they were only odd bits of material including a piece of a Provençal tablecloth that I had cut a strip out of the middle and sewn up again, when I realised I had bought one much too large.

Also the sewing leaves a lot to be desired – I could blame the fact that I didn’t have iron on loft fleece – I didn’t know such a thing existed – I have now ordered some so it will be here ready for the winter project – but actually I am just a bit too slap happy with the measuring part and of course the sewing machine has a mind of its own!

The tennis in Paris has suffered from the inclement weather but some villages in central France are flooded so I don’t think I can really moan about the huge jagged hailstones that devastated the geraniums and put some dents in the car roof a few days ago.


I have managed the occasional walk with the Doglet – the cornflowers are not as plentiful this year but so beautiful.

And from their nest in the bamboo near our well – the baby redstarts have fledged.


The meadows are still blooming as it has been too wet for the farmers to cut them.


Don’t you just love wild flowers?

And yes – I have practiced a line dance – for ‘practice’ read ‘watched a video on Youtube.’

Better than nothing, and I could nearly do one complete dance this week…In fact, if they’d gone over it just a couple more times I’d be away!

It’s my fourth week at the class now and so now I am less of a novelty – still ‘the older than anyone else English lady with no sense of rhythm’ but who cares eh?

It is exercise – at least it will be in a few years when I can do the dances right through. Who said ‘are you sure you’ve got enough time to learn them?’ Give over – you’re only as old as you feel!











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