of tractors and brass and of course the finally finished bathroom…

IMG_0350Isn’t she lovely? Best part of three weeks and nowhere to hang the towel after all, but a great improvement and very posh indeed!

Bathroom aside – it was the Fête de Musique in the town for the summer solstice and since it was the first really warm evening we headed off to find some live music…


…and found a saxophonist, then some Guinness and music – but not The Wild Rover, in an Irish bar



It might have been the milky warmth of the evening, the slight smell of  drains, the friendliness of the barman, and the quirky back street, but we certainly knew we were in France.





And isn’t she lovely? This is Luc’s really old Renault tractor – he was worried about the unseasonable weather and getting his grass in… The sky tells you what it has been like up until now, but today…


I have been sitting in the shade of the back garden giving the brasses their once a year (decade…) polish!

And so, in it’s usual pleasant way – this ‘ordinary’ life continues  – some might say ‘boring’  but there is nothing humdrum about it, at our time of life – not while we can put our own shoes on, and eat, drink and be merry! You will notice I haven’t used the last line of that quotation…



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