July already…

And notes from an ‘ordinary life’ continue…

We have just had a lovely relaxing time on a campsite at Duingt near the lake at Annecy.

The old railway line there is a cycle track -flat and such a good surface – my sort of cycling indeed…what more could we want? Lovely views, lovely weather and nice little lanes to stroll with the doglet…


and then in hardly the blink of an eye – we are back home again – and the peace of our ‘ordinary life’ surrounds us like a comfort blanket.

Black to the local walk with the ever present Charolais cattle, the view over the Loire valley and the colourful wild flowers in the hedgerows.

Oh yes and let’s not forget the bag…

IMG_0374 This one is more professional looking! I am pleased with the bright colours and the summery feel to it. I know someone who will like to put her knitting in it. There are one or two spots of darker red in the pattern where I hadn’t noticed the blood from my speared thumb! And no – I didn’t dare wash it – so it has been sent – bloodstained – for a belated birthday present. Oh sewing is a difficult hobby but I keep trying!



3 thoughts on “July already…”

    1. Hi Catherine – no we didn’t get around the lake this time – we only had a few days – but we shall certainly go back sometime. What a lovely place to live.

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