more of an ordinary life


Time to give the family silver a polish. Ok so its the family silver plate – but its old, about 1910 and precious and something from the past. I like to think that my dear mother in law is looking down on me while I do it, as she sits knitting on a cloud somewhere and chatting to my own beloved mum – its how I remember them…knitting and chatting and thinking about them is what I do while I polish. People say ‘don’t look back – you’re not going there’ but sometimes, just sometimes it is lovely to think about what has been and gone.


And then this being France of course we should go and watch a cycle race – on a warm and balmy evening in the local town.

But grannies don’t just sit and knit, polish silver, watch cycle races and make bacon butties….



They get taken to Paris…

and to the Bruce Springsteen concert!


A fuse was blown, a message over the speaker system said leave the building and so we did…

gutted this morning to find out he spent 15 minutes going round the audience while they fixed it and then did nearly another hour’s concert. Very disappointing indeed – we missed dancing in the Dark and all the good oldies…

But then it could have been Bataclan…




3 thoughts on “more of an ordinary life”

  1. Isn’t it wonderful, how there is nothing ordinary about an ‘ordinary’ life? Thanks for bringing me to France with you. I have silver also from my mom (not my mom-in-law, she was a single mom and couldn’t afford it). I love how we stay connected to our past through old silver and crystal and family mementoes.

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