Glad to come across this blog – lovely writing – emotion without the sludge

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Years ago I was married to his son.

He, intrigued me.  He was gruff.  Uneducated by the school systems.  But educated in life beyond what I will ever understand.   He had the massive forearms of Popeye on steroids.  And an Amish beard without the religious connections.  His hair was a perfect mix of salt and pepper crowning his head in an old fashioned but never out of style crew cut.  I loved to sit and listen to his stories.  His gravelly voice.  The smell of his cigar.  When we stopped in around lunch time to visit we ate cold lunch meat sandwiches with colby cheese and cottage cheese on the side.  I don’t know if I could ever eat that again and not be transported back years, and years.   So very often we sat in the bench seats at the formica topped table, in the breakfast nook, making…

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