more tales from an ordinary life

This photo was taken in July when I went on a bike ride… for those of you purists – read no more – it has a battery and is something called ‘pedal assist’ which means the more you put in to it the longer the battery lasts! It doesn’t last long with me up these hills!


It was a cloudy day and I did get a little wet…but the scenery is always stunning. This is our sleepy village – about 400 metres above sea level.

And then we went to the UK to see the daughters and grandchildren – oh happy days, but I have written about that while we were there…on my phone from Peggy’s field…

While I was there someone asked me what I do all day… I found myself at a loss for words – you see I don’t really do anything…

I write emails, the odd poem, a long hand snail mail letter or two, dust a few cobwebs now and then, plan the next trip away, drink many cups of tea, crochet granny squares, knit jumpers that people don’t want or they don’t fit ’em, look at my photos and walk the dog. And do a bit of meal planning and cooking and trying to talk to the french neighbours and chew the ears off my English speaking friends around here.

None of that counts for anything. I can’t work in a charity shop or drive elderly folk around or to and from appointments, or read stories or talk to old folk in care homes or anything worthwhile because I don’t have the language skills. Id probably do more if I lived back in England. Or would I? Now there’s a thought…


The first campsite on the way to the UK was just near here. What a lovely place – lac d’Orient on the way up through France.

So,  this week I shall be thinking of what I can do here in France that will sound like something real, useful or worthwhile – when the next time someone asks me what I do all day…





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