I know what to say…

…next time someone asks me what I do all day. Next time I will not be at a loss for words oh no – I will not mumble something about knitting while quickly thinking how I can change the subject…

I shall say I am working really hard at being retired.

And that is so true. I am proud of it!

After a lifetime of working at a variety of jobs, including physiotherapy, lab technician, cinema usherette, shop worker and teacher, after bringing up children, trying to be a all things to all people…friend, mother, lover, daughter, sister and  and rushing hither and thither – retirement and the art of choosing when to do something, or not, as the case may be, takes practice. As everyone who is working knows – choice doesn’t come into day to day living…

Now with no aged parents left, children grown up and lives of their own, himself and me can enjoy this time in our life – not that all the previous 39 years were anything but lovely… these final years are different and are savoured in a different way.

This week the winter wood was deliveredIMG_0565

It’s about 28°C now and it seems strange to think we will need so much wood…The changing seasons are fantastic here and quite dramatic. Once in the winter, it was down to minus 10 during the day for over a week!

And also this week I made a cake for a french friend who is recovering from having a new knee and isn’t that mobile  yet


Home made apple and quince jam (last year’s) and buttercream went in the middle – so even though it looks a bit burnt on one side, lopsided  and not terribly professional – I think it will taste OK.

And the ordinary life continues with me finding an app to make sketches from my photos and to make them look like watercolours…


and for someone who can’t draw or paint – and believe me there are numerous teachers and night school folk who will confirm that – these apps are indeed a bonus.


And for my children’s story about a teddy


I haven’t quite got the hang of this app yet… and also this teddy is drinking gin and tonic and eating crisps…


Here he is baking a cake – maybe this is slightly more in keeping for a children’s story…

So you see, this is what I can choose to do while I’m practicing retirement – lovely ain’t it?

Ah well ‘On verra’ as the french say.




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