…of deer, December and doing things


We see deer often on our walks in the late afternoon and early evening. Himself snapped this one a couple of days ago. We live in France and so of course it has probably been shot by now.

I know hunting is part of the french life style and culture and we might be overrun with deer as they have no natural enemy here, but for the life of me I will never understand how some people really enjoy, get their kicks, whatever you want to call it – out of killing another living creature.

It’s december and sometimes it’s almost been too cold to walk our usual route, -3.5°C. That’s a minus…Brrr!

But I’m glad to say most days I get a walk however short, and the views are lovely – whatever the weather. Reflections and the mist rising make we want to be a real photographer.

and as for the doing things? Hmm…I have joined a knitting group – hardly a group since we are just three, but I have to speak french and of course, knit. So I have made a shawl for my English speaking french friend who puts up with my stilted conversation and who gave me the confidence to contact the group…

…and a case to keep my needles in.

And so the ordinary life just keeps on keeping on – and isn’t that wonderful?

I often wonder why I write this – I try and believe I am ‘practising my craft’ so that  one day before I croak, I will have this idea for a fantastic story…

and as the American playwright and journalist, Elaine Liner said:

‘if writers stopped writing about what happened to them, there would be a lot of empty pages.’



3 thoughts on “…of deer, December and doing things

  1. Lynn Loader

    Hi Margaret, I’m Lynn from the FutureLearn fiction course and I’m glad you’ve ‘followed’ me. I was drawn to follow your link to this site because I love hoopoes and think how nice it would be to live among them as you do. It is delightful to read about your life. I also heartily subscribe to your views on hunting. Do keep posting in the writing course – don’t forget, the very fact that you signed up for it must indicate that you have an aptitude for writing, and it looks as though you have plenty of material, too! Bonne chance et a bientot,

    1. mijo1947 Post author

      Thanks for looking at my blog. We see the lovely hoopoes in the summer and they are often on the ground. Every time I see one I am reminded that I live in rural France – so different from York.
      This is the third time I’ve started this creative writing course – and I’ve done others where I’ve had to pay – it’s a hobby and I love reading what other people write.


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