going to hell in a handcart…

I’m not sure what that means but it seems to fit the bill at the moment. Once upon a time I could believe what I saw and heard – now I wouldn’t trust any photograph at all unless I’d taken it, because they can be doctored so easily these days with the miracle that is modern technology.

I certainly wouldn’t trust a word that was published by the press, gutter or otherwise, or on social media …and what’s with this ‘Fake News?’ Lies, Lies and more lies. Who invented that? And what’s more, why?

I don’t want to write any more because I know I shall prattle on about issues that I don’t like but can’t do anything about…

Instead, here is a photo of a Ragondin – probably a french Coypu – we sometimes see them on our evening walk. They are shy and have been seen grazing near the pond.

This one was in the river at St Pouçain on a recent wine buying foray into the Allier.

They are herbivores and I love ’em – they look a bit like an otter don’t you think?


Morning mist on a carp lake down the valley.


At nearly seventy food is one of the minor pleasures in life…OK OK so is waking up every morning and able to make my own decisions…

So for the last, but by no means the least photo, one of last summer’s salads.

For the moment I have decided it had better be photos on my blog and not ramblings.

The world as I say, seems to be going to hell in a handcart, and I don’t know what to do about it.



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