back to the buzzards…

…and walking the dog on the well worn paths and empty lanes, being serenaded by crickets and enjoying the peace and tranquility of rural France.

And back from what? I hear you ask? Did you ask?

Obviously not the people who were with me – they shared it all…but for the occasional reader who might be interested…

Back from the best 70th birthday celebrations anyone could wish for. IMG_1137

Such a splendiferous cake!

It wasn’t all eating and drinking and partying and playing with grandchildren – seeing friends from far and wide and having quality time with my daughters and a full body and head massage and staying in a suite of rooms with an outdoor heated swimming pool and a hot tub – oh no that’s not the half of it…

In the olden days when we lived in Yorkshire we often visited Bempton Cliffs RSPB reserve  – and we went back there on this holiday. We stood on the cliff top while the gannets plucked at the grass for their nests, nests that are precariously balanced on the cliff edge.

With the pungent odour of guano and the cries of hundreds of seabirds rising and falling on the wind it was just like being a part of their world. The gannets were at head height – what a spectacle!

As birthdays go – it couldn’t be bettered.

I am one really lucky lady – lucky to have reached seventy and lucky to have been able to celebrate this milestone  with people I care about.

It is, after all, only a number…




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