from bush crickets to roses, a plastic duck, common green frogs, fountain pens and many things between..

..and can it be October already? Our ordinary life continues on its own sweet way. Couldn’t be more thankful..

As for blogging, well,  now here’s a thought – I don’t think I’ll make the grade…September came and went – sunny and warm, the camper van came out of the barn and I was going to write about cycling round Cap d’Agde and seeing the sea, feeling the sunshine and the sea breeze on my skin, enjoying the moment and watching Himself cooking his own fish on a hot stone in a restaurant under blue mediterranean skies…

I wasn’t going to write much about getting lost in surburbia and the sand that blew everywhere and the fact that I never got to go in the sea this year…and it wasn’t sheer bloody mindedness either – more like it was a long way to bike and there didn’t seem to be any one else swimming and it was VERY windy!

IMG_1431 roses for blog

Now our cottage is teeming with roses – this is a photo of part of them. It was our 40th wedding anniversary yesterday and 40 were in a bucket when I arrived downstairs  in the morning. We have two rooms in the cottage – a kitchen and a living room, window ledges are not often used because like a lot of french houses the windows open inwards so it is replete with roses…

It teems with rain, I think, not roses. Awash with them? Sparkling with them? A real writer would know how to describe the joy at the sight of them.

And here’s the rest.

…and these two creatures are possibly bush crickets – may even be saddleback bush crickets. Cute eh? The brown one is the larger, although doesn’t look it on the photo, and was seen on a campsite high up on  the Massif Central. The green chappie was spotted just up the lane by my eagle eyed friend, while we were walking the doglet yesterday afternoon.

We have a friend in the valley who put a plastic duck on his pond to try and attract wild ducks to venture in and eat the duckweed. He has even put a central island with a nesting box on but so far not a single duck has flown past to have a look. But the frogs love to come out and sunbathe on the duck’s back.


There is a plateau a few minutes drive from here – it is 1010 metres high and  occasionally you can see Mont Blanc from it looking East, and Le Puy de Dome, the extinct volcano, looking West. I went up one afternoon last week to walk with the dog and could see neither, but the air was clean and fresh, the open skies huge and wide.

I could see our local town below and the Beaujolais or Bourgogne hills ( I really must look it up and find out once and for all, I am always forgetting) and the wind turbines.


Can’t resist putting this in – our tiny back garden glistening in the early morning September sunshine. It warms my heart.

Those of you who know me will know that my sister in Ireland and I write in letter books – we are on number 5 now – and when it comes through the post, maybe only once or twice a year – I am quite thrilled.

Of course there’s all the reading of it, her life by  Lough Corrib, the laugh out loud poems she writes, the photos, her recounting of things people have said, its just a great pleasure to hear of her life, which is quite different to mine. And then there’s the next best bit – the thought  of which fountain pen to choose. Which one will get the yearly warm water wash and be refilled? And then to look through the poems I’ve written – are any worth sending? Which photos would she like? So for the next few months I have something creative to do. Well – sort of!


Here’s my desk before I chose which pen! Oh, I love ’em all.

And because it is now October and getting chilly in the evenings ye olde wood burner is often lit…  the living room warms up nicely – we don’t need a thermometer to tell us how warm – once the doglet is upside down and hanging out of her bed  – it means its cosy and toasty warm!