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farewell Meaty…

 I have never been amongst so many people since I went to a Liverpool football match 50 odd years ago with my dad, but here I was with about 13,000 other folk at Meatloaf’s farewell concert in the Motorpoint Arena in Sheffield. Tickets courtesy of our daughters, we stood up and clapped and cheered with them, while Meaty sobbed and shambled and shuffled his way round the stage – it was MAGNIFICENT! Its a long time since my ribs and sternum rattled and throbbed with the noise of the music. OK – so we queued up to get into the carpark and queued up to get out of the carpark – but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!

We were also treated to a night in a wonderfully different hotel – La Rosa in Whitby. Look it up if you fancy no TV, but fantastic views and breakfast brought to your room in a picnic hamper. All the furniture is recycled and secondhand and it has an ambience all of its own.


This was the view from the huge Victorian windows – there was a small balcony which would have been lovely had it been warmer and not so windy, and there were inside shutters to make it cosy.

And then lunch and playing on the beach with the grandsons – it was un bon moment as my neighbours would say.

Followed by a safe and hassle free journey back here to the cottage, I am reminded, as I often am sitting here overlooking the plum trees, that life doesn’t get any better than this.

 April 26, 2013. 

writers journal… May 6th 2013

I must do a writers journal for my online creative writing course so I am going to copy and paste it on to here. I can’t possible write on here as well! What a woos! This is from 3rd May

The weather is pants, I am full of cold and have a racking cough and my husband has raging toothache – what a pair of old crocks we are are.

My sister’s quote for the day over the phone:
‘there is a fine line between a  hobby and mental illness.’
Thinking of writing as my hobby – hmmm!
This morning I opened the shutters and found we are surrounded by the clouds – it is a damp and dismal, grey and grizzly day and an ideal one for sitting and thinking about what I would like to write about.
I thought about saying ‘we are shrouded in a blanket of cloud…’ but that seems a bit overused. I had a look at an online thesaurus and was disappointed to find it did not recognise the word ‘colourless’ since it only admits to american spelling – well american spelling of words is ok in America but its one of my pet hates to see it anywhere else. I don’t like my kindle for that reason either – I have just read the kindle edition of that quintessentially English novel Pride and Prejudice  was horrified to find her spelling changed to the american rubbish.
Ooops gone off the point there! So here’s my attempt at describing what I can see out of the window.
All  colour has been sucked out of the view, everything is a muddy brown and grey.
Where are the bright greens and the startling whites of the blackthorn and wild cherry blossom? The dense clouds have settled on the hills and threateningly in the distance I can hear the roll of thunder.
Pants – just like the weather.

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