of spanish snow…

…and spanish rain and spanish floods. Oh yes, a holiday to remember. A rented car that sat unused on the campsite for five days while under the groundsheet a lake formed.

The view down to the coast changed dramatically after a night of snow.

The words ‘stir crazy’ came to mind because after only one day of snow came 5 days of solid rain. The campsite normally so tidy, became very muddy, the toilet block always so clean and carefully looked after, became flooded and small rivers appeared everywhere where the rushing water washed away the gravel.

And then came the sun, so, not as warm as other years, but still a change of scenery and meeting up with friends is always a good time.


On the walk up to Fleix – these flowers appear like giant triffids…


Benidorm in the winter sunshine – OK so maybe I wouldn’t want to stay there – but for a day out it is such a great place – and for people watching and having a beer or a glass of wine in the sunshine  – I just love it!


Sometime later when Spring is just around the corner I might be inspired to write something interesting…but for the moment its just holiday snaps…


Thanks to whichever God or Fate  put me on this earth, and gave me this good life…  if sometimes I seem a bit ungrateful and moan now and then, I don’t mean it – I just need a little prod now and then to remember to love it enough.



sinks in the sun

Washing up in the sunshine this morning I was reminded of all the other times I have stood at a sink in the sun – all those wonderful years of summer holidays, camping in France when the daughters were small; and then after they’d grown up, when there was just me and himself, and we had moved up to the luxury of a caravan – albeit an old one, we still went to France and we still washed up in the sun…but perhaps we had a few more meals in restaurants as the years moved on.
Now here we are in a camper van in the winter sunshine of Spain, much older and maybe not much  wiser, but still washing up in the sunshine and revelling in the moment while enjoying the warmth of the sun on our slightly more creaky joints.
Oh I know the saying ‘don’t look back you’re not going there’ but life is made up of memories, and looking back at them doesn’t stop you enjoying every moment of the present.photo (2)