sunny sunday…again

These sundays come round ever so my friend from over the mountains said when I mentioned how fast time was going:

‘life is like a toilet roll, the nearer the end , then the faster it unrolls’ – you can find her, and her many pearls of wisdom, photos and much crafty stuff on her blog at well worth a visit!

maybe it should have been coffee and cakes this morning – but give me tea anytime!


I took the midget for a spin, ok it should have been my bike – even with a battery it is some exercise up the hills round here, but…how could I leave the little black beauty in the garage when the sun was shining?

– and look what just jumped into my hands at the at the boulangerie when I called in for bread.



Did I really say ‘deux petites gateaux s’il vous plait?’ And they are miniscule – oh yes and delicious!

What a weekend it’s been: Joe Bonamassa in concert in Lyon on Friday night, the local Donneurs du Sang Paella Dansante last night, and midget and sun, cakes and cups of tea this morning.. and still to come a sunday, oh so typically english, roast – whoop! whoop! Mmmm.


3 thoughts on “sunny sunday…again”

  1. Do you know Mij, those words sometimes slip unnoticed from my lips too! Our boulangerie makes tiny little gateaux de soirée – a mouthful each one – so sometimes four will slip into my Sunday bread order. Well…they’re so tiny there can’t be ANY calories in them, surely?!

  2. It looks so wonderful – and the little treats oh so decadent! I really wish I was in your part of the world right now!

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